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Michael J. Battle Ministries is more than just another ministry promoting religious activity, but seeks to empower lives that excel in power and advances the kingdom of God in the earth by deployment into the systems of this world.  As you peruse throughout this site we endeavor to engage you that you might be inspired and instructed to take your part in this generation that desires answers and something more than just business as usual.

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Within the realm of possibilities it's important that we adhere to the right teaching and understand that we become a byproduct of our associations. Relationships are essential for the health of every leader desirous of making a difference in humanity. As a steward of present day truths from the scriptures and manifold wisdom of God, Pastor Mike is one among many in his generation who have dedicated their lives to empower others to excel in life and impact culture. Granted passageway to enter into ministry at a young age his background is colored with pleasant memoirs of a gracious God who wills that none should perish, but live to their full potential. As you read his bio and peek into his infrastructure you'll gain an understanding of one of the most influential leaders God is raising up in the 21st century to advance the kingdom of God.

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Our Sole Purpose

We exist to empower people that are 

mature and established in the truth about who they are as a new creation. Whereby, lives are built according to pattern.

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