At Michael J. Battle Ministries, we’re ready for something bigger and better.  Something that unites our efforts, whereby becoming a pictorial expression of the God we exemplify that works as a team of one. Based in Rockville Centre, New York our transformative educational movement mobilizes people from within our local assembly to take action and create a meaningful and lasting impact. Synergy has been defined as "


That is the sole purpose and heartbeat of the visionary, Dr Michael J. Battle.  "Working As One and Moving Forward In Divine Purpose".


Our goal is to be influential as truth is taught and vision is expounded in a corporate learning session. Together led by apostolic leadership we merge to be a body where every joint supplieth.  That's what synergy is. We are inspired by the belief that everyone named among us can shape and impact the cultural systems of the world.  old a community of believers where everyone can achieve their true potential while serving the intentions of a loving Father who has predestined the purposes of our existence as a ministry family.


"The leaders who work most effectively, it seems to me, never says 'I'.  And that's not because they have trained themselves not to say 'I.'  They don't think 'I.'  They think 'we'; they think 'team.'  They understand their job is to make the team function.  They accept responsibility and don't sidestep it, but 'we' gets the credit....  This is what creates trust, what enables you to get the task done." 

- Peter Drucker


Together we will learn and engage in kingdom concepts while becoming enlightened to serve in a greater capacity.

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Together we will gain the opportunity to become a family that serves the vision while forging meaningful relationships.

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Together we will be empowered through systematic teaching that provides a healthy view of God, ourselves, and one another.

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